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offers professional interdisciplinary training for Collaborative Professionals and their staff.


The Collaborative Law Process

Collaborative Law is a process that seeks to assist the parties in resolving their cases through interest-based negotiation rather than position-based negotiation without the trauma or expense of “going to court.” The process involves attorneys, mental health professionals and financial professionals working with the clients in face-to-face meetings.  These meetings explore the parties’ interests, goals and options with a civilized approach designed to reach a “win-win” resolution for the parties. 
The Collaborative Law process is an excellent tool for resolving divorce and family law cases, as well as civil cases including guardianship and probate.  New Paradigm Collaborative Law Training events are designed for those new to the collaborative process as well as experienced collaborative professionals. 



for the

Collaborative Professional Team


New Paradigm Training provides 3 day training seminars in Collaborative Law.  Each of the trainers at New Paradigm Training is an experienced Collaborative Law Professional.  This depth of experience provides those attending a New Paradigm Training event with rich and diverse understanding of:

  • How to present the Collaborative Method to clients
  • How to prepare clients for a Collaborative Meeting
  • The role of the Collaborative Allied Professional
  • Working through difficult issues
  • Getting the process back on track if it starts to veer out of control
  • Bringing a Collaborative Case to a successful conclusion

In addition, each New Paradigm Collaborative Law Training Event includes information on how to utilize your staff in the collaborative process, suggestions for marketing and advertising Collaborative Law in your community,  guidance for newcoming attorneys and allied professionals through the Collaborative Process, discussion on ethical questions about Collaborative Law, and methods used in identifying and working with syndromes common in many collaborative law cases.    

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New Paradigm Training is based in Denton, Texas and provides Collaborative Law training events throughout the United States and Canada for attorneys, mental health professionals, financial professionals and their staff.  

Collaborative Law Section

MaryAnn Kildebeck, David Bouschor & Camille Milner shared ideas on maintaining trust in the process at the Civil Collaborative Training and Symposium hosted by the Collaborative Law Section of the Dallas Bar Association.

Rockwall Training

2014 Training in Rockwall, Texas

Rockwall Training

More attendees at the Rockwall training.